Metro Council awards $20 million in trails grants

Metro Council awards $20 million in trails grants Main Photo

6 Oct 2022

On Thursday, September 29 the Metro Council awarded $20 million in grants for trails projects across greater Portland. Nine cities and parks districts recieved the 12 grants, including the City of Troutdale's Sandy River Park and Trail project.

The plan is to build a riverfront path connecting downtown Troutdale to the 40-Mile Loop, Thousand Acres Natural Area and a major industrial employment area. This 1,400-foot-long linear park features access to the river and restored riparian habitat along the riverbank. The project is part of a larger urban redevelopment of a former industrial area. The redevelopment area is currently cut off from downtown Troutdale by the railroad, with the only existing non-motorized access following a dangerous roadway. This project offers a safe alternative for vulnerable road users and a more direct connection between major destinations.

You can read the full article on the Metro website.